SkyWay EcoFest: information for participants

SkyWay EcoFest: information for participants

18 April 2016 5252

Dear participants of the first ecological festival of the SkyWay Group of Companies! Please read the following important information about this event. 

1. The festival will be held under the open sky! We recommend to have warm clothing, suitable footwear, an umbrella or a raincoat (it will be more reasonable to plant trees in the garden in rubber boots). 

2. At the festival we shall organize a fair of Belarusian goods, and also sale of printed products from SkyWay. Take care of having the required amount of cash in Belarusian rubles.

3. Food outside the festival, hotel accommodation and travel expenses are managed and paid for by the participants themselves.

The detailed schedule of events on April 23 and 24 will be provided at the entrance to EcoTechnoPark to all participants. 

Information for guests that have expressed the need of transfer:

The time of buses departure on April 23: 09 a.m. (Moscow time).

The beginning of the festival in Maryina Gorka – 10 a.m. MSK.

Guests are kindly requested to arrive to the place of boarding the buses in advance! The whole bus will not be able to wait for a few people. In this regard, we kindly ask you to plan your trip so that to take your place in a bus timely!

Departure point: Bus Station "Druzhnaya". Located at the backside of Minsk railway station. Address: Minsk, 32 Vokzalnaya St.

Metro station Lenin Square (the exit to the Railway station).

Buses with the SkyWay logo will be on the square of the Bus Station "Druzhnaya".

For those arriving to Maryina Gorka independently:

GPS coordinates: 53.503181, 28.104923

Distance to Maryina Gorka − 66 km.

Having driven in Maryina Gorka at the crossroads after the stop called "Peraezd" you need to turn right, crossing railroad tracks (here you will see a man with the direction sign SkyWay).

The scheme of travel to EcoTechnoPark is below:


And again most important things − addresses and time.


Beginning at 10 a.m. Moscow time

Location: EcoTechnoPark, Maryina Gorka, GPS coordinates: 53.503181, 28.104923

The distance from Minsk city center to Maryina Gorka is 66 km.

Boarding the transfer buses: from 8.45 − 9.00 Moscow time

Departure to EcoTechnoPark at 9.00 MSK



Beginning at 10.00 MSK

Location: hotel "Peking" (Beijing Hotel Minsk), 36 Krasnoarmeyskaya St., Minsk,

+375 17 329 77 77 conference room Orkhidea (Orchid)

Registration for conference: 9.00 − 10.00 MSK

Conference starts at 10.00 MSK


In case, you have any questions:

• for the location of buses please call +375 29 394 67 89 (Anastasia)

• for independent search of the road to EcoTechnoPark in Maryina Gorka please call +375 29 678 94 10 (Anastasia)

• Call only before 12.00 on April 23!


See you in EcoTechnoPark!

Evgeny Petrov