SkyWay Ecofest: control at all stages

SkyWay Ecofest: control at all stages

05 April 2016 4178

Less and less time remains till the SkyWay Ecofestival that will take place on April 23 on the territory of EcoTechnoPark.

 On April 5 the General director-General designer of the SkyWay Group of Companies Anatoly Yunitskiy visited the main site of the festival together with investors from England who came specially to participate in the greening of EcoTechnoPark designed to become not only the center of certification and demonstration of SkyWay technologies, but also the center of ecology preservation. Already now in EcoTechnoPark, along with the process of building urban, high-speed and "light" SkyWays, the builders continue works on the creation of relative infrastructure – for example, laying of a walking path, which will be an auxiliary access road during the construction phase. We publish photos from the place of the event.


Ulyana Orlova