SkyWay Continues Its Geographical Expansion

SkyWay Continues Its Geographical Expansion

11 August 2015 3985

The ongoing project SkyWay attracts a growing number of investors from different countries of the world. Just last week, partners from Germany visited the office of SkyWay Technologies Co. in Minsk. Oleg Pavalyaev and Valentina Kuptsova, a married couple from Waldkraiburg, a city near Munich, devoted their vacation to organization of promotion tour. The aim of it is to popularize SkyWay technologies and increase loyalty of population in Germany, Poland, Belarus and Russia to them. The route of the tour runs from Waldkraiburg to St. Petersburg and back. Travelling along the territories of Belarus and Russia in a car, decorated with a SkyWay logo, the couple makes stops in main population centres and conducts conferences devoted to SkyWay technologies.


In Minsk, the partners of the Company were welcomed by General Director — General Designer of SkyWay Technologies Co., Dr. Anatoly Yunitsky. The author of SkyWay technologies told the investors about the current state of the project and introduced the operation of Design engineering department to them. At the end of the visit, the guests left for Maryina Gorka town to see the test site with their own eyes. Beginning from July of this year, the construction of EcoTechnoPark, which is the first industrial sample of SkyWay transport system, has been carried out there.        

General Director — General Designer of SkyWay Technologies Co. has pointed out: ”Such visits and initiatives on the part of our foreign partners have great significance, as they emphasize the global scale of our project once again. SkyWay is the technology, which will change the world for the better.”

Ulyana Orlova