Patents in Belarus and China are Received

Patents in Belarus and China are Received

03 November 2017 2972


The National center for intellectual property of Belarus has issued 3 patents of Belarus for 5 industrial designs to the author and the patent holder Anatoly Yunitskiy, reports the official website of the engineer.

  • No. 3684 - Vehicle for string transport systems (2 versions);
  • No. 3685 - Vehicle for string transport systems;
  • No. 3759 – Transportation module (2 versions).

The Patent Office of China (State Intellectual Property Office of the People’s Republic of China) issued 3 certificates for registered industrial designs to Anatoly Yunitskiy.

Earlier this month we reported on obtaining Japanese certificates for registered industrial designs and acquisition of a certificate from the Australian company SAI Global. The latter confirms compliance of the ecological management system applied in the Company to requirements of the international standard.

Registration of intellectual property objects in various countries allows to enter the relevant markets with the Company’s products legally correct and to ensure their protection from unauthorized use and unfair competition. Read more about the intellectual property protection in SkyWay Group of Companies in a separate article.

Ales Plotko