Opening of Zero kilometer:  Event schedule for October 17

Opening of Zero kilometer: Event schedule for October 17

07 October 2015 4374

We are nearing the date of the main event of October – the opening of the decorative-monumental composition "Zero kilometer", – which has great symbolic importance for both the history of the SkyWay group of companies, and for the history of transport in general. It is from this point that the SkyWay routes will begin their expansion, the measuring reference of a new lifestyle. "Zero kilometer" will be a kind of a portal into the world of new technologies, clean environment and safe future.

Zero kilometer

The composition of direct witnesses of this event have been already determined − the first 30 shareholders, who were the first to believe in SkyWay; the Heads of the SkyWay Technologies Co. and our partner companies SWIG and Capital; 15 winners of the draw game from SkyWay, shareholders, which attracted investment amounting to more than USD 7,500 to the project and buyers of trees costing from USD 1,000. On the same day the future demonstration center of SkyWay technologies will host the second part of SkyWay environmental mission "Plant a tree" on its territory – this time the event will be attended by the shareholders who purchased the seedlings costing from USD 1,000. The President of the group of companies Anatoly Yunitskiy will also continue planting greenery at the EcoTechnoPark, planting the trees of our investors who willfully refused from the visit in favor of financing the project. October 17 will be eventful and full of important points! We publish the exact schedule of the event:

Opening of Zero kilometer event schedule for October 17
Ulyana Orlova