SkyWay news: SkyWay ecoprojects and UN grant

SkyWay news: SkyWay ecoprojects and UN grant

27 November 2015 4362

We continue the theme of "green" projects around the world and in SkyWay technology in particular.

 In Friday's news release you can watch the second part of the interview with the President of the SkyWay group of companies Anatoly Yunitskiy on the role of ecology in SkyWay transport and infrastructure complexes.

 Deputy Director for bio- and agrotechnologies Vasily Pavlovskiy speaks about the UN grant, which was recently received by the SkyWay group of companies.

 The expert in the field of strategic development, business planning and economics Kirill Badulin will explain economic aspects of participation of our organization in the UN program «Support of the Transition to a «Green Economy» in the Republic of Belarus.

Ulyana Orlova