News from SkyWay Transport Australia

News from SkyWay Transport Australia

13 December 2016 10571

A partner of the SkyWay Group of companies ― the CEO of the Department of transport in the state of South Australia in the recent past and the present Director of the companies Rod Hook and Associates and SkyWay Australia Rod Hook ― has posted a message, in which he shared his plans and achievements in the SkyWay promotion on the Australian continent.

Let us remind that in late November 2016 representatives of Australian companies Aurecon and MBM visited the Minsk office of the SkyWay project design Company as part of the international delegation that arrived in the Belarusian capital with the purpose to review the current stage in the development of string transport technology. According to Rod Hook, that business trip became for Australians not only an opportunity to see rolling stock in action, but also a significant step towards the implementation of the SkyWay project on the green continent.

In particular, the agreements reached during the visit, as well as the facts presented as its results have significantly increased interest in the technology from investors, has contributed to a major progress in adapting SkyWay engineering solutions to Australian technical standards, to obtain support in acquiring a land plot for a test site in the town of Whyalla and create a favorable atmosphere for interaction with other interested companies.

“Our focus over the next few months will be on demonstrating and establishing freight SkyWay projects in Australia. This will be the purpose underpinning our test site in Whyalla. Several potential commercial opportunities are available to us. SkyWay presents a cost-effective, environmentally sound means of transporting product from mine site to port or rail-head, relative to other options,” said Rod Hook.

In addition, Rod Hook has made a presentation of the technology to the Australian National center for regulation of rail safety NRR (National Rail Regulator), whose representatives expressed interest in SkyWay and expressed their desire to be part of the next Australian delegation, whose visit to Minsk is scheduled for spring 2017.

The original text of the message is available here.

Viacheslav Evtukh