New record – new SkyWay block of shares

New record – new SkyWay block of shares

28 July 2016 2317

This week a partner of the SkyWay Group of Companies Kirill Shimko, already familiar to the EcoFest guests, set a world record by budging a Mi-26 helicopter. The champion of the Guinness book of records, dressed in the uniform with the SkyWay transport logo, has dragged the aviation transport on the ropes. The machine weighing about 30 tons has been moved for a distance exceeding 20 meters.

In honor of this solemn event, we are changing the terms of acquiring the investment block of shares "Affordable": it will now become even more accessible and attractive than ever before.

As of today, the discount on the block "Affordable" will be 1 to 160 (instead of 1 to 120 as before). Moreover, the number of shares in the package will increase accordingly and will amount not to 60,000 but to 80,000 shares.

If you make your first payment for two months at once, you will receive 25,000 shares as a gift, so the total number of shares in the block "Affordable" will be 105,000 shares. As before, the gift shares will be charged only at the end of the installment period.

In addition to the new terms of acquiring the block "Affordable", the Group of Companies presents a video dedicated to the record of the SkyWay partner Kirill Shimko. Pleasant viewing!

Viacheslav Evtukh