New Funding Source for SkyWay Project

New Funding Source for SkyWay Project

10 Junе 2016 5111

We are opening the seventh development stage of SkyWay Group of Companies with excellent news – the project has got a new partner and another funding source – Simex platform.

Simex is an international crowdinvesting platform, the largest on the territory of Russia and CIS.   

Already this week, more than 13,000 active participants of the platform have learnt about SkyWay – the innovative string project has appeared on Simex platform in “Startup” category. SkyWay project passed a voting stage among the candidates for placement, in the course of which participants of the platform voted “for” or “against”. According to the voting results, SkyWay project came out on top quickly, arousing great interest of the audience – there were left over 200 comments in “Discussion” section.

Investment stages will regularly take place in the form habitual for platform participants. Similarly to our other official partners – SkyWay Capital and SkyWay Invest Group – Simex platform has its own conditions for entering the project, which differ from the main platform, and its partner program. It is possible to invest from 700 rubles in the project on Simex platform. In addition, there is set up the single discount of 1 to 150 on the platform, which makes the investment from 700 up to 30,000 rubles profitable.  

All investors, who have come via the platform, are included into the Register of Company investors and have just the same legal force.

Ulyana Orlova