New Face

New Face

01 September 2015 5582

The SkyWay team recruits professionals of international level. Today the staff of the group of companies unites more than 120 professionals: engineers, designers, technicians, project and industrial designers, IT-specialists, business analysts, economists and marketing experts.

We employ highly qualified professionals, such as Academicians, Doctors and Candidates of Sciences (3 persons), project design leaders, who previously used to work for defense, transport and machine building industries, former government officials − heads of ministries and departments, − international lawyers and diplomats. We are going to tell you about each of them in a series of publications under the general title "SkyWay Team".

However, let us start with the recent appointment of the Head of the Press Service of the international SkyWay group of companies. His duties include preparation and media publishing of official reports, press releases and other informational materials on various aspects of activities of the group of companies, as well as creation of our own online news channel and communication with foreign media.

So, we present Michael Kirichenko, a businessman, journalist and actor. He was born in Moscow, has a University degree, qualified as interpreter consultant (English, French and Italian), economist, top manager. His work experience includes the management of the following:

  • commercialization of the project on creating a National System of Satellite Communication and Broadcast of the Republic of Belarus based on its own geostationary communication satellite (Head of Satellite Resource Sales Department);
  • production of a major international energy corporation (Deputy Director General of Production);
  • commercial department of an American company operating in the field of automobile business (Regional Sales Director in the European region);
  • European company involved in the introduction of high technology in traffic control, a part of an international holding company, which is the official importer of BMW and FIAT group (now FCA) corporations in its region (Director).

Alongside with economic projects, our new employee has 20 years of media experience. He began his career in radio, then moved to TV as the  ATV program "Vremechko" presenter. Currently he is a presenter of the religious-philosophical program "Di@blog. About the eternal" on the TV channel "Belarus-3".

Here is how Michael himself comments on his decision to join the international SkyWay group of companies: "The Project attracted my attention during my work in the space industry. First, I collaborated with the Franco-Italian alliance, which is the European leader in satellite systems and orbital complexes, known worldwide in the field of telecommunications and remote Earth sensing, defence and security, navigation and science. Subsequently I worked in the space industry being created in Belarus. I was really fascinated by an elegant approach of Anatoly Yunitskiy (seemingly fantastic at first) to the solution of the problem of non-rocket space exploration with the purpose of preserving the environment! In the end, I decided to do something meaningful in life, and what could be nobler than a contribution to carrying the nature-killing industry into the outer space and preservation of a high quality environment for our descendants! The creation of a new planetary transport infrastructure is only the first step on the way to this truly great dream! I believe that my joining the international SkyWay group of companies is a step upward. Until now, the Eastern hemisphere, which is the service area of our new satellite, has been my field of activity, and now it extends over the entire globe and even further into space. I am sure that I am fit to meet challenges of a truly planetary scale, which I face as a SkyWay functionary!"

A bright man cannot remain unnoticed. Creative nature of Michael Kirichenko is in demand even in Hollywood, which invited Michael to act in “The Code of Cain” mystery thriller featuring two "A" class ("Oscar" and "Golden Globe" awards nominees and winners) movie stars Eric Roberts and Sally Kirkland. This movie became the directorial debut of William de Vital, acclaimed master of staged stunts, the creative record of which by that time had already included work in such films as: "Swordfish”," "Blade 2," "The Scorpion King", "Jeepers Creepers 2", "Walker, Texas Ranger: Trial by Fire" and even "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull". The world premiere of "The Code of Cain" in English was held in Cannes on May 13, 2015, and the version in Russian called "We, brothers" will be released on September 13, 2015 at the "Kinoshock" film festival. We are not disclosing any details on Michael’s role in the movie; we will keep you in suspense until its first performance in our country, which will be held in late September. We are sure to remind you about the premiere – follow SkyWay news!

Finally, the new Head of the Press Service of the international SkyWay group of companies said, "I will do everything in my power to help our General Designer Anatoly Yunitskiy to achieve his goals that have already become mine. Like the song goes: "The highest dream is high altitude..."


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