TV channel “Mir” reported on SkyWay string transport

TV channel “Mir” reported on SkyWay string transport

17 May 2017 8331

A popular program “Together profitable” highlighted Anatoly Yunitskiy’s SkyWay string transport. Media emphasizes that the company is in the trend of glocalization as “many countries are interested in Yunitskiy’s transport – from India to Canada, but the inventor proceeds with his developments in his home country, in Belarus.”

The broadcast included a comparison with the American competitor for Yunitskiy ― Hyperloop by Elon Musk, whose plans in Russia are still only on paper. Traditionally bureaucrats get deserved stones in their garden, ― “Anyway, officials from many countries do not hurry to invest considerable funds in them and continue to build conventional highways and railroads.” ― says the narrator.

You can see Anatoly Yunitskiy’s comment and information about payback of infrastructure projects in the saved video.


The footage of the TV channel took place simultaneously with the visit to EcoTechnoPark by Ruslan Gattarov, Deputy Governor of Chelyabinsk region. The report included only a small part of the footage. You can watch the episode in full (13 minutes) on the channel’s website (in Russian).



Viacheslav Evtukh