“Make it happen, Rod! ":  Results of week’s work in Australia and interview with Rod Hook

“Make it happen, Rod! ": Results of week’s work in Australia and interview with Rod Hook

12 August 2016 7557

The current informational week for the SkyWay Group of Companies is noted by a large number of events on the Australian continent due to the transition of cooperation with our Australian colleagues in the active phase. Our company’s partner, the Head of SkyWay Australia, former CEO of the Transport Department of South Australia Rod Hook has initiated promotion for SkyWay technology in the Australian region and has already determined a number of possible directions of development.

 More details on these and other points are presented in the interview with Rod Hook, in which he answered the questions concerning development strategies and the potential for SkyWay technology application in the Australian region:

Skyway: Dear Rod Hook, in connection with many events in the process of new transport technology promotion, please, tell us the details of your activities in Australia. In particular, how did representatives of the local administration accept the proposal for the implementation of SkyWay?

Rod Hook: "My presentation to Unley Council’s Infrastructure and Sustainability Committee was well received. They liked the effort we had made to illustrate how a SkyWay and associated station might look in Unley Road.  They were very supportive of our solution, considering it to be attractive with good environmental outcomes.  The Council Mayor sent me a message after the meeting saying “Make it happen Rod! Love your work and this vision."

After our presentation the Council committee, when considering an agenda item on future transport planning, unanimously agreed to add an additional recommendation to its report to the full Council, specifically that

“Consideration should be given to emerging technology and innovative forms of public and private transport.”

Skyway: Who exactly attended your presentation of the SkyWay system?

Rod Hook: "The Council Committee I was invited to present to comprises four elected councillors and two independent members.  There were also five Council staff members present.  They are public meetings so media and a small public gallery were present".

Skyway:What particular questions and suggestions have been addressed to you from the officials?

Rod Hook: "They asked questions about construction costs and capacity.  They suggested it might be possible to arrange for access from the station towards the east to go straight into a redeveloped Council building.  They suggested using our supports to hold street lights, enabling light poles to be removed, delivering further amenity enhancements".

Skyway: What is the situation around the project of Flinders University? For what reason was the construction postponed to 2018?

Rod Hook:"Flinders University continues to be keen for us to proceed as soon as possible.  They have suggested building a multi story building on the site of the (lower level) car park which is the site for the northern station.  They are thinking 5 levels of car park plus some commercial development and possibly some student accommodation.  I agreed we would have a better project if we could operate the Sky Way out of the upper levels of this proposed building.  This was in effect consistent with the thoughts of your design team when they made their presentation to us in Belarus.  I am assuming it will be around mid 2018 by the time Council secures its approvals and funding for this building, then builds it.  We should continue to progress our design activity so we are ready to incorporate an anchor into the building design and be ready to proceed at the earliest opportunity".

Skyway:What are your further plans on promoting the SkyWay idea?

Rod Hook: "Our focus must be on securing and developing a test site and assembly plant.  An announcement on a site will be a big story.  We should continue to progress the plans for Flinders University.  We already have interest in us preparing an article on that for an architecture magazine.  If we can have a SkyWay model sent here we will arrange a media function to unveil it and promote any further information we have at that time.

We continue to meet with developers, officials and prospective investors.  We receive dozens of calls a day and including interest from technical organisations and media publications.  We have a marketing plan that targets potential clients in Australia.  We will continue to celebrate every milestone we achieve and promote it to the community through our social media channels and the media.  We plan to set up a shop front in Adelaide’s CBD demonstrating the technology via one of Anatoly’s to scale models which he is developing now".

Skyway: What are the next steps planned?

Rod Hook: "Securing suitable land for a test and assembly site.  Getting Aurecon to commence work on site specific design issues at Flinders University.  We are responding to requests we have received for proposals for projects in Northern Territory and New South Wales".

Viacheslav Evtukh