Love to SkyWay Technology Knows No Limits

Love to SkyWay Technology Knows No Limits

15 October 2016 3575

An international web-based media TECHNOPHILIA specialized in the coverage of novelties in the hi-tech world published an article devoted to the string transport SkyWay. The material treats thoroughly the engineering solutions, which form the basis of the technology, as well as the achievements gained by the SkyWay Group of Companies as of today. A lot of attention is paid to the SkyWay display at InnoTrans 2016, where the samples of the innovative rolling stock were presented to the public for the first time. Apparently, it is this event, which dispelled the last doubts of even the most ingrained skeptics, that encouraged the editorial staff of the web-site to look more closely on the new transport technology.                  

Summarizing the article, the author writes the following: “Looking around it is not difficult to notice that now is the most suitable time for the appearance of a new kind of transport. Traffic jams, dirty air, the ground buried under a layer of asphalt and about a million and a half deaths annually caused by road accidents. SkyWay moves above the ground surface, which means it cannot collide with other vehicles. SkyWay has an automated control system, which eliminates a possibility of driver’s error. SkyWay seems to be an optimal transport system judging by all parameters. Science fiction depicted the transport embedded in SkyWay images long ago. Now, this technology is being implemented in reality.  

The project on creation of this transport is funded through the system of crowdinvesting and today anyone willing can participate in the process of implementing the transport concept, becoming at the same time the co-owner of the technology. If successful, SkyWay can take up to 50% of the market of transport services and then the investors will be able to expect significant dividends from their investments.”

A full version of the article is available here.  


Evgeny Petrov