"Intelligent Russia" — information partner of SkyWay

"Intelligent Russia" — information partner of SkyWay

21 July 2016 5085

The online edition, which has set a goal of popularizing science and culture, will cover the activities of the SkyWay Group of Companies.

The beginning of the informational cooperation was initiated by the journal′s editorial board that paid attention to the fact that SkyWay, in addition to the technological component, has a high humanistic sense. The objectives of the SkyWay Group of Companies are not limited to creating economical, fast and market-demanded mode of transport. Behind it there is the desire to save millions of human lives, reduce harmful emissions into the atmosphere, contribute to ending the mindless exploitation of natural resources and to enable the harmonious coexistence of human-made technosphere with the biosphere of the planet. We consider it very important to convey the ideas, lying in the basis of the project, to the maximum number of audience − thinking and forward-looking audience that is indifferent to what is happening in the world. Cooperation with the popular online journal "Intelligent Russia" is a new significant step in this direction.

"Intelligent Russia" is an online edition that brings together Russian-speaking authors and readers from all over the world. The annual audience of the project is now about 600 thousand visitors and continues to grow. The main objective of the online edition is the promotion of the Russian science and culture and it is consistent with the objectives posed by SkyWay. We have great hopes for cooperation with the journal editors and are confident that together we can encourage not only Russia, but also the whole world to become more intelligent.

The first article (in Russian) about the SkyWay is already posted on the journal's website.

Translation of the article is here.

Ulyana Orlova