From SkyWay to SkyFarm. Global Trend of Eco-Technologies (Video Digest)

From SkyWay to SkyFarm. Global Trend of Eco-Technologies (Video Digest)

30 January 2017 10825

SkyFarm. It is the name given to the project of a building in the center of the congested Seoul. The prototype of the vertical building implies support to local food producers and the environment: air clean-up, use of solar energy and expansion of planting throughout the entire building. The idea by A.Yunitskiy, the concept of a “linear city” is developing throughout the world, and some designers in their product names, voluntarily or involuntarily, “fall” in the ideas and brands from SkyWay. Makes you wonder about the fact there is simply no other way of development.

String technologies are not only a transport solution, though it may seem that way at a fleeting and unfocused glance. In addition to all other aspects, the concept of a “linear city” includes greening of skyscrapers with the transfer of soil from under their foundations. The roofs have Park areas and gardens, the soil is improved by adding humus. “I feel satisfaction from the implementation of these ideas”, said Dr A.Yunitskiy in an interview about the SkyWay “green” philosophy in 2015.


Buildings do not solve urban problems by themselves, we need a full system of the second level with considerably less vehicles and carcinogenic emissions. Gradually these ideas are already being embedded in our lives. Nearly thirty years have passed from the screening of the film “To the sky by wheel” by the USSR State Cinema Committee till digests from Euronews about green technologies and business in the service of the planet. 


How much time will pass from the start of EcoTechnoPark till the moment when it could be observed from the roof of a high-rise eco-building in Shabany on the outskirts of Minsk on the way to Maryina Gorka where the SkyWay test site is located?




Evgeny Petrov