Extension of SkyWay promotion campaign

Extension of SkyWay promotion campaign

01 February 2016 4796

The SkyWay group of companies announces extension of the duration of the unique event, providing the opportunity to make a gift to yourself or your relatives with a coupon on a considerable discount for participation in the large-scale SkyWay project. 

The validity period of the offer is until February 29, 2016.

The conditions are the same:

1. Become a member of the SkyWay project, by purchasing one of the investment blocks of shares (at: https://account.rsw-systems.com).

2. Get 25 coupons in the "Gift" section and send them to your friends and acquaintances by e-mail.

3. Once your invited friend signs up in the project and acquires any of the investment blocks of shares, you will receive 15% of the invested amount, as well as a special coupon for your personal discount.

All the details and rules of the campaign are here.

Attention! The "Gift" section in "My account" is valid until February 29, 2016 inclusive. If you do not use the Gift coupon within the indicated period, its validity ends. A special coupon has no limited validity period.

Ulyana Orlova