EcoTechnoPark: stage of manufacturing metal structuresм

EcoTechnoPark: stage of manufacturing metal structuresм

24 February 2016 5050

The construction of EcoTechnoPark continues. However, a considerable part of the work is performed not on the construction site. An essential component of any construction process is the search and thorough analysis of potential partner companies, with which we plan to cooperate further. The importance of this stage cannot be overestimated, because the reputation of the whole SkyWay transport project is at stake.

 All intermediate supports of the urban track (1 km), which will become the starting (accelerating) section of the high-speed route at EcoTechnoPark, are installed. Completed is the construction of the structural framing at the ground floor of the transport and logistics SkyWay hub, combined with the terminal anchor support that will host the SkyWay Museum. They continue construction of the first floor, which will house the passenger station of the urban SkyWay. SkyWay string fencing is also being actively installed. And now we finally are entering the stage of manufacturing metal structures, which, being assembled on the construction site, after the arrangement and preliminary stressing of the strings, will turn into a perfectly smooth, strong and durable rail-string transport overpass. Given that it will be necessary to build about 18 kilometers of string tracks (out of them − 16 km of high-speed ones), the total weight of metal structures will reach five thousand tons.

On February 23, the specialists of SkyWay Technologies Co. headed by the General director-General designer visited the office of the company VDS, which is known as a market leader in the field of designing and producing civil structures.

 Preliminary monitoring of similar enterprises in the Republic of Belarus has shown that VDS makes full use of perspective developments and technologies of manufacturing responsible metal structures with a full production cycle – starting from the product blank and ending with the application of protective coatings of cathodic type. In particular, the patented technology of cold galvanizing will provide exceptional protection (not less than for 50 years) of high-quality durable Finnish metal, which is planned for use in the SkyWay overpass. In addition, it is in combination with high performance features of the dry film coating that is confirmed by corresponding test reports, and fully meets the technical requirements demanded by the high-standard SkyWay products.

 Potential partner enterprises were also considered from the transport and logistics point of view. VDS main office and manufacturing buildings are located not far from the Minsk SkyWay office and that allows to quickly control the operation of the enterprise at all stages of the technological cycle, exercise designer supervision and interaction with technical Departments. In addition, VDS has established a reliable system of delivering large finished products to the construction site, which is very comfortable for us.

 The meeting was preceded by a series of negotiations, during which a comprehensive analysis of technological capabilities of the enterprise was performed and the preliminary cost of the works was determined.

The General director-General designer Anatoly Yunitskiy and production Director Valentin Zhyvitskiy are in the moulding workshop of VDS; study of the possibilities of vacuum forming technology, which can be applied for the manufacture of plastic items for the rolling stock of the SkyWay transport system.

VDS design workshop; analysis of products (including complicated shapes) made of plastic, fiberglass and other matters for various needs of industrial and civil construction. On the wall there are components of YoMobil, made on the 3D-equipment of VDS; a demonstration sample at 1 : 1 scale.

The VDS workshop of metal structures; analysis of the quality of welded seams on the galvanized surface.

The analysis of VDS capabilities in working with complex steel structures of beam type.

 Today the company VDS is a priority due to several factors, the main and decisive of which is primarily a strong manufacturing base, certified welding, qualified technical staff, simple and at the same time innovative approaches to solving complicated problems. All this did not cause any complaints from the management of SkyWay Technologies Co. The next stage of cooperation is the coordination of the costs, technical parameters and achievement of the targeted volume in accordance with the planned time schedule. Work in this direction is already under way.

Ulyana Orlova