EcoTechnoPark in the middle of summer

EcoTechnoPark in the middle of summer

18 July 2016 6921

The Information service of the SkyWay Group of Companies offers a photo report from EcoTechnoPark prepared exactly in the middle of summer – on July 15. Quite soon EcoTechnoPark will be opened to demonstrate some elements of the Skyway transportation system, first interim results and achievements.

We started the process of building a section of the route, which will further demonstrate the full operating range of the SkyWay freight system: cargo loading (with a belt conveyor) at the loading and unloading terminal into a special storage hopper, transportation of products along the planned route and their unloading at the loading and unloading terminal.

The EcoTechnoPark contractor continues building the urban passenger and high-speed routes, as well as the recreational track. A multifunctional module is under erection on the first anchor support of the passenger urban track. It will house a 1,000 kW traction substation for the high-speed route (to propel a 10-ton unibus at speeds approaching 500 km/h with an acceleration of 1 meter per second squared), an automatic dispatch room and such an important detail as a WC for visitors of the demonstration center. The module will also have a staircase connecting three floors of the transport and logistics hub with stations of urban and high-speed SkyWay and the EcoTechnoPark History Museum.

Ground was filled inside the second anchor support on the urban and high-speed route. It is necessary to make the structure heavier and to reduce the amount of concrete required to build the support (keeping the same bearing capacity). As a result, the total cost of the object will be significantly decreased. In addition, the ground inside the support will be used for its greening, thus performing an aesthetic function, too. A good example proving that the SkyWay string routes are not only harmless to the environment but also contribute to it.

Ulyana Orlova