EcoFest SkyWay

EcoFest SkyWay

28 March 2016 5920

The First Ecological Festival of SkyWay Group will take place on April 23, 2016 in the town of Maryina Gorka (Republic of Belarus) on the site near EcoTechnoPark under construction.

It’s going to be a memorable event, as part of which the following awaits you:

  • demonstration of intermediate results of constructing SkyWay transport systems test sites;
  • communication with chiefs, engineers, investors and partners of the Project;
  • opportunity to make your own unparalleled contribution to EcoTechnoPark history by planting a tree in the garden of the complex under construction;
  • participate in Festival-themed fun activities, organized specially for you.

Summarizing of the event, as well as discussion of further development of the Company will be held on April 24, in Minsk as part of the concluding conference.

Following a good tradition, expenses for economy class transportation and accommodation will be recompensed by SkyWay in the form of shares to Your personal share account:

Ulyana Orlova