EcoFest in photos

EcoFest in photos

27 April 2016 6879

The SkyWay Group of Companies offers a long-awaited photo report from EcoTechnoPark where the EcoFest was held – an interactive show-presentation of the greatest project of our age. The transport of the future. Rescue of the environment and economy. Salvation of human lives. Crowdinvesting, or people′s financing, gives the possibility for ordinary people to do really great things.

SkyWay investors are attracted mainly by the bright concept of the project, which for decades inspired the creator and the author of the technology Anatoly Yunitskiy to move on and develop the project, despite the lack of any substantial support from the government agencies and the negative attitude from the public. In the second place, the investors are attracted by the opportunity to secure themselves financial well-being, as denoted by the obvious perspective of the project.

On April 23, the investors and partners of the SkyWay project gathered in EcoTechnoPark – the demonstration center of SkyWay technologies, – to see with their own eyes that everything is real. Nearly a year has passed since the beginning of construction, and now when the technology finally started to become a reality, it became clearer than ever that everything rests on the ordinary people. Retired persons, college romantic students, your neighbors on the landing platform, colleagues and friends – that is the main audience of investors who supported the project. And whatever is the purpose each of them pursues, he/she will remain in the memory of the future generations as the creator of the quiet, beautiful future.

Thanks to everyone who was present at the EcoFest. Thanks to those who could not attend, but has helped and go on helping the project. Thanks to those who are with us. Thanks to those who are against us – when you are confident that you are right, grit in the machine do not interfere, but only heighten the passion and exercise anxiety. Thanks to all those who is going to join.

It is not us who build SkyWay. It is you who build SkyWay.


SkyWay Group of Companies.


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Ulyana Orlova