Crowdinvesting in SkyWay: a view from the side

Crowdinvesting in SkyWay: a view from the side

03 December 2015 4925

Although the term "crowdinvesting" is widespread in the West, it is still perceived as something exotic and unreliable on the territory of former Soviet republics. This is mainly due to insufficient knowledge of the subject, due to the unwillingness to go deeply into the essence of crowdinvesting, its functional layout and main purpose consisting ultimately in creating equal opportunities to participate in investment of promising projects for all people, regardless of their income level.

 The SkyWay group of companies not only uses crowdinvesting as a financing model, but also improves it. A week ago we presented the investment program "Sustainability", which immediately found response in the media. The website of the information Agency "BISHELP" ("Help to business") posted an article "Crowdinvesting is a step towards the society of equal opportunities", which is characterized by deep and careful study of the issue. The funding model of the SkyWay technologies project was analyzed from the point of view of its effectiveness and future prospects. What conclusions were reached by the author of the article is available here (in Russian).

 Note: the Internet portal "BISHELP", or "Help to business", brings together information resources capable to help beginning and existing entrepreneurs to find the answers to their questions, regardless of their level of training or literacy, occupation and place of business. Taking into account the specific features of the portal and the attention of its editors to the investment program "Sustainability" from SkyWay, it can be considered as another confirmation of the correctness of the marketing strategy realized by the group of companies.

Ulyana Orlova