Cost of EcoTechnoPark

Cost of EcoTechnoPark

06 April 2016 5612

The construction of EcoTechnoPark is the main activity area of the SkyWay Group of Companies at present, therefore it is difficult to overestimate the importance of evaluating all factors associated with the project development that affect the cost of construction, be it design solutions or application of different methods in determining the cost. The results of such work are structures with minimal cost while maintaining the required consumer qualities.

In today's news release the Head of SkyWay information service Mikhail Kirichenko interviewed Anton Romanyuk, chief expert on cost estimates work of the project design Management at the SkyWay Technologies Co., who deals with the calculation of construction cost of the transport complex and related facilities.

You will find out what method is applied for calculations and how objective it is, what data underlie in its basis, whether the prospects for the development of SkyWay technologies find reflection in chief expert′s current work, as well as what difficulties he has to face in the process.


Mikhail Kirichenko