Congratulations with the Defender of the Fatherland Day

Congratulations with the Defender of the Fatherland Day

23 February 2016 3621

Dear friends, we are glad to congratulate you with the Defender of the Fatherland Day! We address this congratulation not only to men, but also to all the participants of the SkyWay project, thanks to the joint efforts of which the countries, contributing to the development of the breakthrough transport technologies are progressing steadily along the way of strengthening their economic and technological power, freedom and sovereignty. Today it became obvious that the greatness of a country is determined not only by its military potential, but, perhaps primarily, depends on the intellectual strength and ability to generate innovations. Russia's recent recognition of the SkyWay technologies confirms once again the correctness of such statement.

 The history of Russia repeatedly illustrates the importance of technologies in the protection of the Fatherland. It is the technologies, brought by Peter the Great from Europe and developed by talented Russian craftsmen and engineers, which have made Russia a world power. The focus on science and technology development by one of the most enlightened rulers of Russia Catherine the Great allowed the country later to win a deadly war with the army of Napoleon. The victory in the Great Patriotic War would not have been possible without the industrialization of the country carried out by the Soviet government. And today, when our Fatherland is facing so many challenges, its future will also be determined by its ability to generate the necessary conditions for the development of innovative economy and to realize its enormous intellectual potential.

 Assisting the development and promotion of innovative SkyWay technologies, we together contribute to the protection of the Fatherland, to the creation of a safer, cleaner and more comfortable future for our children, grandchildren and ourselves. Happy holidays, friends. Build SkyWay, save the planet!

 With respect and belief in success, the SkyWay Group of Companies.

Ulyana Orlova