Competition of children's drawings

Competition of children's drawings

12 July 2016 5112

The future with the SkyWay transport system seems to us more clearly with every positive news about the project. However, it is particularly interesting how children see this future together with the SkyWay.

The SkyWay Group of Companies announces a contest of children's drawings on the subject "SkyWay string transport". As of today and until August 31 inclusive, we ask the youngest participants of the project to send us their works to the e-address

On September 1, 2016 all the drawings on the Skyway transport system will be posted in the personal account, where anyone will be able to vote for a favorite work. On September 12, 2016 we shall summarize the voting results and announce the authors of the 15 pictures gaining the highest number of votes.

The works that become winners by to the voting results, will adorn the calendar of the SkyWay Group of Companies for 2017. The authors of the pictures included in the edition will get a SkyWay calendar as a gift.

Please note that the participants′ age should not exceed 17 years. A letter should specify the title of the drawing, as well as the city, age, first and last names of the participant.

Thoughts have a good property to materialize. Therefore, let us allow ourselves to change slightly the main motto of the project: "Draw SkyWay – save the planet!"

Ulyana Orlova