Change of sub-stage of development at SkyWay group of companies

Change of sub-stage of development at SkyWay group of companies

30 September 2015 3806

Dear friends and partners!

Another change of the sub-stage of development will occur on October 5 at 5 p.m. Moscow time. The discount on the shares of the SkyWay group of companies will decrease, and, accordingly, decreased will be the super profits that a new investor can expect while joining the Project. So if you were going to purchase your first block of shares or to increase the share of your participation in the group of companies, don't hesitate.

Do not miss the opportunity to get more profit. Take action now! (in Russian)

The development of the SkyWay group of companies goes on in accordance with the approved schedule. Each stage brings about new successes, and the shares of the group of companies are becoming more expensive.

The current stage was marked by:

  • significant advances in the construction of EcoTechnoPark (cultural and technical works with engineering surveys were conducted, the foundation was filled with concrete and erection of the first anchor support started, the construction of the sign "Zero kilometer" is almost completed);
  • successful tests, the increase in the volume of design documentation and alignment of the work of the engineering design enterprise (conducted are successful tests of the functioning physical model of a city suspended transport and a computer model for the control and safety system);
  • the growth of interest in technology on the part of official agencies of several countries, with resulting significant increase in the number of pre-orders for targeted projects (signed are  preliminary agreements for the construction of routes totaling over 100 billion USD);
  • issuance of the international securities code (ISIN) for the shares of the holding company and the continuation of preparation to the certification of the SkyWay transport technologies, obtainment of the state certificates of compliance, required to conduct design and construction works and many more.

The future will not wait. Buying shares with the current discount is possible only till 5 p.m. of October 5, 2015.

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SkyWay group of companies.

Ulyana Orlova