Change of discount and transition to new sub-stage of development of SkyWay group of companies

Change of discount and transition to new sub-stage of development of SkyWay group of companies

10 September 2015 4835

Dear shareholders!

SkyWay group of companies informs You about the completion of the current sub-stage and the beginning of a new cycle in the development of the SkyWay company, which starts on September 14, 2015.

In this regard, on September 14, 2015, simultaneously with the change of the sub-stage, the discount will be changed, too.

The company is rapidly developing, moving forward and reaching its goals.

The works that are done:

  1. The master plan for the construction of EcoTechnoPark (in Russian) is approved.
  2. Conducted were geological survey works on the construction site and the topographic mapping with referencing construction objects on the ground.
  3. Performed were cultural and technical works including planning of the site, removal and transfer of soil, uprooting and removal of stumps and trees.
  4. The construction of security fences was started.
  5. The pit for the first anchor support was excavated.
  6. Work has begun on pouring concrete into the reinforced foundation of the anchor support.
  7. Approved are construction drawings of the anchor and first intermediate supports. Orders are placed for the manufacture of support elements.
  8. Approved are construction drawings on the monumental decorative composition "Zero kilometer" and the creation of its elements is started.
  9. In parallel with the construction works, implemented is the preliminary project for St. Petersburg − research of application efficiency of SkyWay technology in the construction of the route "Pulkovo Airport − metro station Kupchino"; the proceeds (funds received) are reinvested in the construction of EcoTechnoPark
  10. Signed is the contract for the preparation of the next pre-project studies for the Customer from Estonia.
  11. Prepared are commercial proposals for specific targeted projects for Customers from 6 countries of Europe and CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States).
  12. Signed are agreements of intent to construct high-speed, urban and cargo SkyWay routes in a number of countries in the amount of several billion dollars.

The activities, planned for this sub-stage, are completed on time, and we are embarking on new tasks.

The discount is valid till 18 o'clock in the evening of September 14, 2015.

Take advantage of our current discount! (in Russian)


SkyWay group of companies

Ulyana Orlova