Mobility 4.0: SkyWay at Rail Transport Conference in Slovakia

Mobility 4.0: SkyWay at Rail Transport Conference in Slovakia

16 March 2017 8045

Victor Baburin, Deputy General director for business development at SkyWay Technologies Co., took part in the forum dedicated to rail transport on March 14–15 in Bratislava, Slovakia. In the third block of the programme, Mr. Baburin presented the SkyWay Group of Companies’ vision of Mobility 4.0 – one of the most trending topics among the leading industry representatives. This day also featured the speeches of Mr. Michal Dekánek, Ministry of Transport and Construction of the Slovak Republic, Ms. Elisabeth Hochhold, a representative of the European Commission, Mr. György Bessenyei of the European Investment Bank, and other distinguished guests.   

Watch the full speech of Mr. Victor Baburin: 


The concept of Mobility 4.0 and the SkyWay stand became the most discussed topics back at the InnoTrans2016 in Berlin, where Alexander Dobrindt, German Minister of Transport, pointed out that “Digital age has already created all the conditions for the new mobility; however, the purely physical processes < … > do not allow the society to receive the fruits of the digital age in such a cornerstone field as the transportation.”   

Slovakia is one of the most strategically important directions and a leader in terms of investment in the SkyWay technology. After the business visits and presentations of the SkyWay string transport to the Minister of Transport, Construction and Regional Development of the Slovak Republic, an Agreement for cooperation was signed. The Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava, in its turn, proposed to set up a research base SkyWay. The scientific community and mass media (in Slovak) of the country stress the importance of the SkyWay string transport application, irrespective of whether it is more oriented to passenger or cargo transportation.         

In his speech, Victor Baburin described the main challenges when creating the door-to-door mobility in the conditions of aging transport systems created back in 19th–20th centuries. It is real to solve the majority of the challenges of a new time with the help of the SkyWay string transport system, the possibilities of which in the context of the ‘Mobility 4.0’ paradigm are significantly wider compared to the conventional types of transport:      

– Flexibility of use: both urban and inter-city passenger, and cargo transportation;

–  Absence of restrictions inherent in the automobile, railway and air transport;

–  Quick-mounting, economically available, climatically versatile tracks;

–  Rail track that provides fully automated control system;

–  No need to interact with other types of transport and pedestrians due to the traffic arranged on the “second level” above the ground surface.        



Evgeny Petrov