Anatoly Yunitskiy’s Interview

Anatoly Yunitskiy’s Interview

25 August 2016 5063

The website "Cultural diplomacy" has published a large interview with the President of the SkyWay Group of Companies Anatoly Yunitskiy under the title "Happiness is to see the implementation of your ideas in your lifetime".

The publication contains the answers to various questions: why Belarus is the birthplace of SkyWay transport, why Yunitskiy became the inventor and what the reasons were for the creation of the project on non-rocket space exploration. At the same time, the journalist talked to Yunitskiy not only as the creator of the innovative transport technology and not only as the Head of an International perspective company. So, readers will learn about Yunitskiy’s preferences in the field of cinema or, for example, what can surprise and inspire the General designer.

Happy reading!

Ulyana Orlova