About SkyWay in Hungarian

About SkyWay in Hungarian

22 July 2016 5153

The Hungarian news portal index.hu has posted an article about the SkyWay transport.

Like previous reporters, whose publications we referred to this week, the author drew up a parallel between the Hyperloop project and the SkyWay project.

"The city of Nitra has chosen another system of the future public transport called SkyWay as a project for implementation. This high-speed system consists of vehicles that move above the ground on a rail track laid on supports. The SkyWay system may soon replace public transport in this Slovak city".

According to the representative of the management of the SkyWay Group of Companies, "our technology can obtain significant development in Slovakia experiencing a serious need for new transport solutions. After the signing of the Memorandum with the local University of Technology, we have begun work in several directions at once. Anyway, the priority has been and remains the demonstration and certification of our transport systems in EcoTechnoPark".

The original article is on the media's website.

The translation of the article is here.

Ulyana Orlova