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03 May 2016 1771

Despite the fact that more than a week has passed since the end of EcoFest – a Grand event under the motto "It is a matter of technique to stop the destruction of the biosphere", organized by the SkyWay Group of Companies and attended by over 700 people, − the interest to it remains unabated. That regards both the people who were unable to attend the festival and its guests willing to relive those wonderful moments of communicating with like-minded people again.

In spite of the official photo and video reports, as well as numerous materials filmed and posted in the Internet by the EcoFest visitors, we have received a lot of requests to publish the video address of the SkyWay technologies′ creator Anatoly Yunitskiy to the guests of the conference. We always try to meet the wishes of our partners, and we offer to your attention this short film, which can be regarded as the keynote speech of the scientist, engineer and inventor describing the origin, history and intermediate results of the development, as well as the main advantages of the innovative rail-string technology over the existing and prospective transport-infrastructure systems.

Mikhail Kirichenko

Head of information services for international group of companies SkyWay

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