What happens in EcoTechnoPark on 16 March 2016

17 March 2016 1619

In the next report from the information service of the International SkyWay Group of Companies its Manager Mikhail Kirichenko visited the EcoTechnoPark construction site − the center of practical implementation of SkyWay innovative technologies, their international examination and certification. On March 16 the workers continued the process of pouring concrete into the formwork of the stiffness diaphragm on pylons at the first floor of the SkyWay transport and logistics hub that functions as the terminal anchor support. The process of erecting pylons on the first floor will be completed by this and the construction team will be able to begin installing the floor slab. In parallel, they started assembly of the elements for the intellectual string fencing, which is scheduled to be completed by mid-April. After that, potential buyers of this product will be able to see it and verify its effectiveness, efficiency and reliability.

Ulyana Orlova

Correspondent of information services for international group of companies SkyWay

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