Tour of the EcoTechnoPark construction site

26 July 2016 1362

The SkyWay Group of Companies presents the long-awaited video on the demonstration and certification center of SkyWay technologies. Head of information service had a tour at the EcoTechnoPark construction site, where he spoke about the current construction stage. Currently in EcoTechnoPark contractors continue to build the third SkyWay freight line that will demonstrate the full cycle of the cargo system operation, including loading and unloading of the rolling stock. They proceed with the construction of the communication module on the first anchor support and the urban high-speed and passenger lines. It will host a dispatch room, a traction substation and the stairway connecting all the floors. You will learn many interesting details about the second anchor support, which is as unique as the first one. Large holes of peculiar shape, located in the walls of the support, are designed for aerodynamics. Small holes will fulfil an aesthetic function: wonderful lianas will pass out of them. They will grow in the soil filled inside the support. It will demonstrate one of the main features of the SkyWay transport system, thanks to which all elements blend harmoniously into the environment (be it a densely populated metropolis or wild undeveloped areas) – proximity to natural environment. By the way, this trend will be highlighted in the following video report of the information service of the SkyWay Group of Companies. Mikhail Kirichenko will describe the progress in these and other construction projects. Pleasant viewing!

Ulyana Orlova

Correspondent of information services for international group of companies SkyWay

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