The idea, for which the time has come, cannot be stopped

18 October 2016 2489

A news release of the TV channel "Vesti Irkutsk" has broadcast an item on the presentation of the SkyWay transport project from the Consumers Society “Eurasia”. Thanks to it, Irkutsk may get rid of traffic jams and all the residents of the Baikal region will receive a comfortable transportation.

“This will be a modern transport ensuring a safe and affordable traffic, – says the report. – It does not exist anywhere in the world yet. However, the EcoTechnoPark is under construction near Minsk. It will become the center for demonstrating this technical novelty.”

In addition, a representative of Irkutsk City Administration commented on the news stating that traffic jams have long been a “headache” for Irkutsk and the potential project can solve not only this problem but also have a positive effect on the tourism industry of the region.


Pleasant viewing!

Viacheslau Eutukh

Specialist of Marketing department for international group of companies SkyWay

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