Test-drive of SkyWay frame carriage

04 November 2016 6048

The frame carriage of unibike is successfully undergoing tests at the SkyWay pilot production facility. The structure integrates suspension, elements of the automatic control system, energy supply, climate control, energy storage and inverters. During the tests, engineers studied the possibilities of the design from the point of view of its readiness to ensure the required performance during speedup, acceleration, braking and positioning. They also researched the nature of the impact on the frame carriage from the load of the body and passengers, the quality of the wheel contact with the rail and the level of noise generated while moving.

A set of experiments conducted in the workshop confirmed the readiness of the carriage for field tests, the designers’ calculations were fully confirmed. The impact on the frame carriage from such factors as weather conditions, vehicle size and windage of its body will be examined directly on EcoTechnoPark site when full-scale commercial samples of rolling stock will be arranged on string rails. According to plans, the traffic of SkyWay unibuses and unibikes on test track sections will begin before the end of this month.

Mikhail Kirichenko

Head of information services for international group of companies SkyWay

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