Start of SkyWay in Australia

18 May 2016 3354

The SkyWay Group of Companies goes beyond the continent – the prospects of cooperation between SkyWay and Australia are becoming more tangible. 

On May 17 and 18 four Australian media published an article about the SkyWay string transport technology. Presumably, the SkyWay string transport system will be embodied on the territory of the Australian University Flinders located in Adelaide (South Australia) in the foreseeable future The SkyWay Group of Companies aims to provide a super-efficient solution, which will allow, with minimal impact on the environment, to arrange a track over the University area, characterized by hilly terrain.

The Flinders University is enthusiastically waiting for the start of work on the implementation of the string transport that has the potential to make the Bedford Park campus more accessible than ever before. According to Professor Colin Stirling, if the system is appropriate, it will complement the Tonsley railway line, the extension of which was recently announced, connecting the last half a kilometer between the station Flinders outside the Flinders Medical center and the central part of the University. "If the implementation of the SkyWay transport system proves feasible, then it has the potential to become a hallmark of South Australia, as well as an excellent infrastructure facility for the local community. It would not only have a practical value, but also will be a real sightseeing attraction, because there isn't anything similar anywhere in the world," says Professor Stirling.

An experienced consulting company in the field of transport and infrastructure "Rod Hook and Associates" will represent the project in Australia. Its CEO Rod Hook is convinced of the reliability and prospects of the technology after visiting the SkyWay office in Minsk last year.

We offer to your attention an article about the SkyWay transport system, published in major news media, covering the whole of Australia:  "The Advertiser""Herald Sun""The Daily Telegraph" and "Courier-Mail"

"The Advertiser" is a daily tabloid published in Adelaide (South Australia). According to the official website of "The Advertiser", over 580,000 people read this newspaper daily, and more than 740,000 people − each Saturday. As of August 2015, the official website of the media "The Advertiser" took the 29th place by hits among the most popular news sites in Australia attracting nearly 1.8 million visitors every month.

"Herald Sun" is a morning tabloid published in Melbourne (Australia). "Herald Sun" is the most popular Australian newspaper, its weekly circulation is around 551,100 copies, and the number of readers is estimated at about 1.5 million people. 

"Courier-Mail" is a daily tabloid coming out daily from Monday to Saturday in Brisbane (Australia). As of August 2015, the official website of the media "Courier-Mail" took the 25th place by attendance among the most popular news sites in Australia attracting almost 2.6 million visitors per month.

"The Daily Telegraph" is a tabloid issued from Monday to Saturday in Sydney (New South Wales, Australia). As of July 2015, the official media website "The Daily Telegraph" took the 21st place by attendance among the most popular news sites in Australia attracting almost 3.7 million visitors monthly.


Ulyana Orlova

Correspondent of information services for international group of companies SkyWay

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