Start of building reversal traffic circle in EcoTechnoPark

18 January 2017 3993

Last week SkyWay General Designer Anatoly Yunitskiy shared his plans (read “tasks for the workforce”) for 2017. And our filming team has just returned from Maryina Gorka, where we found out for you how the Company’s employees are realizing these plans in life.

From the interview with the Head of construction arrangement of SkyWay Technologies Co. Sergey Zaiko you will be able to learn information about the start of building a reversal traffic circle at the lightweight track structure that will connect the already prepared semi-rigid section with the future higher and sagging one, as well as about the progress in the construction of the urban transport system (half of it is already finished) also performing the function of acceleration section for the high-speed route.

We offer to your attention a video report about the event.

Mikhail Kirichenko

Head of information services for international group of companies SkyWay

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