Exhibition Smart Cities India – opening day

12 May 2017 2526

The visit of the extended delegation from the SkyWay Group of Companies to the annual exhibition Smart Cities India was successful. You might already have read Anatoly Yunitskiy’s speech delivered at the exhibition and get to know about the signing of the first in India historic Memorandum of understanding in the state of Himachal Pradesh. Today we offer to your attention a video digest on the first day of the exhibition.

Thanks to the Smart Cities program, SkyWay projects can be upscaled throughout the entire country, since it has been developed by the Country’s Parliament to modify urban areas and to create infrastructure for a stable society in 109 cities. The algorithm of its implementation ― the creation of “smart” satellites near major centers ― coincides with the concept of a Smart Linear City from SkyWay. Thus, SLC concept may become a leading technology to create a network of satellites.

Ales Plotko

Specialist of Marketing department for international group of companies SkyWay

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