SkyWay on Australian screens again

30 May 2016 1917

The State of South Australia is planning the extension of the tram network in Adelaide. Australian TV audience of the "ABC news" channel heard again about the SkyWay transport system – this time about a strong competitive alternative to the tramway transport, largely outdated. The former Head of the Department of transport Rod Hook compared the two transport systems in the news program broadcast.

"Mr. Hook has signed a contract for the construction of a 500 meter demonstration track on the territory of the Flinders University. It attracts international investors to finance it. If successful, a contract with the Office of civil engineering may replace plans for the expansion of the tram network in Adelaide. The Federal opposition leader Bill Shorten promised to allocate USD 500 million for this program during his election campaign <...> Mr. Hook looks to the future. He made a choice in favor of the Belarusian technology called "string rail". It includes fully automated vehicles that run along overhead tracks. They are characterized by low cost and do not interfere with the traditional public transport lines".


Ulyana Orlova

Correspondent of information services for international group of companies SkyWay

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