SkyWay metal structures prior to mounting: photo report

22 September 2016 3056

At the time when our unibus and unibike “travel” through the German pavilions of InnoTrans, work to create a SkyWay track structure continues in the Republic of Belarus.

Now the main work scope of SkyWay Technologies Co. is carried out not on the EcoTechnoPark construction site, but in factories and workshops producing parts of the track structure.

The other day professionals of SkyWay Technologies Co. visited the company "Protos", located in Mogilev. "Protos" is one of the contractors, which deals with manufacture of steel structures for the SkyWay track structure.

The designer supervision has not revealed any deviations by the SkyWay contractors, everything is going according to the work schedule. Delivery of products to the construction site will be effected within the contract deadlines; in the near future the track structure parts will be transported to EcoTechnoPark for the subsequent installation.

On the photos:

Metal structures for intermediate supports of the freight SkyWay transport system;

Component assemblies for anchor supports at the freight track;

Metal structures for staircases in the anchor support for the urban and high-speed SkyWay route;

Welding of staircases in the anchor support for the urban and high-speed SkyWay route;

Discussion of working issues;

Meeting with the chief engineer;

Transportation of metal structure workpieces for the anchor support of the freight SkyWay transport system within the enterprise;

Preparation for painting fences of staircases at the anchor support for the high-speed urban SkyWay track;

Loading the shotblast chamber with workpieces for staircases at the anchor support for the urban high-speed track. After completing shotblasting operation, the metal structure will be cleaned of rust and prepared for the application of anti-corrosion and lacquer coating.

Ulyana Orlova

Correspondent of information services for international group of companies SkyWay

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