SkyWay Is Appreciated in Lithuania

09 December 2016 3397

The international business magazine "Sea" published in Lithuania, has released an article about the Belarusian transport week held in early October. "Increased attention at the exhibition was drawn to another innovative project being implemented in Belarus by the engineering company SkyWay Technologies Co. under the leadership of Anatoly Yunitskiy, who presented the concept and functioning samples of a radically new, eco-friendly and high-speed SkyWay transport ", reads the article briefly and succinctly describing the technology basics and its implementation prospects.

It is noteworthy that initially the SkyWay demonstration center was planned for construction in Lithuania, where this news was released. Thus, the Lithuanian officials, whose actions prevented the realization of these plans, can see now of what they had deprived their country. The innovative and economic potential of the sector-forming SkyWay technology passed over to Anatoly Yunitskiy’s Homeland − Belarus, from where today SkyWay begins its march around the world. The article is issued in Russian, Chinese, Lithuanian and English languages, on which the magazine is published.

Evgeny Petrov

Editor in chief of information services for international group of companies SkyWay, specialist in philosophy of science and technology

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