SkyWay in St. Petersburg: preliminary project "Pulkovo Airport – metro station Kupchino"

17 August 2015 2133

The SkyWay group of companies has prepared a preliminary project for the construction of a SkyWay transport complex in St. Petersburg on the route "Pulkovo Airport – metro station Kupchino".

The SkyWay station Pulkovo Airport

The SkyWay station "Pulkovo Airport"

Every year it becomes more evident that there is a need for this transport junction, which can bind the most important points of the city in a single route. The need to adapt urban infrastructure to unified quality standards requires the implementation of a modern transport and infrastructural system that will be fully automated (unmanned), environmentally friendly and noiseless. Raised high above the ground, it will provide the highest level of safety and comfort.

The SkyWay station Metro Kupchino

The SkyWay station "Metro Kupchino"

The SkyWay group of companies offers a solution by creating a modern intermodal system combining urban and suburban traffic flows.

The economic success of the project is determined by the unique features of efficiency at all stages of implementation: design, construction and subsequent operation. The construction of the SkyWay transport-infrastructural complex on the route "Pulkovo Airport – metro station Kupchino" will be much more profitable than any other modes of transport communication.

Intermediate turning SkyWay station

Intermediate turning SkyWay station

The construction and subsequent maintenance of the SkyWay transport system will bring additional tax revenues to the city budget. For example, if the estimated cost of travel is 150 roubles and the projected passenger traffic is 100,000 people a day, the revenue will amount to 15 million roubles a day. The string route "Pulkovo Airport – metro station Kupchino" will significantly "unload" surface roads and, consequently, reduce the amount of traffic jams that are often the cause of financial losses of the city budget and private companies.

Intermediate turning SkyWay station

Intermediate turning SkyWay station

At the same time, the SkyWay string transport system will facilitate the development of trade and entertainment areas: new objects of trade and service sectors will be formed along the route.

In recent times, the collocation "public transport" is losing its original meaning, but "public" means primarily "for people". Public transport of the new SkyWay generation is the basis for the creation of new infrastructure of cities, where the priority will finally be rendered to man, but not to a vehicle. The multi-functional SkyWay transport system will save the environment, funds and people's lives. Soon the project "Pulkovo Airport – metro station Kupchino" will be submitted to the administration of St. Petersburg as one of the variants for the solution of the existing transportation problem.

Ulyana Orlova

Correspondent of information services for international group of companies SkyWay

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