SkyWay in media again: "Belarusian train travelling at 500 km/h speed is 80% ready"

06 July 2016 2285

The closer is the opening of EcoTechnoPark the more information about SkyWay appears in the media of the Republic of Belarus and in the world in general.

The SkyWay string transport project, or "the alternative to Hyperloop" as journalists call it, is increasingly asserting itself in the media. The correspondent of the famous Belarusian web portal Karina Komissarchik interviewed the Deputy Director on development Victor Baburin. Victor spoke about the history of SkyWay transport, its technological component and the current SkyWay project development stage.

"The test sample of string technologies will be ready by October – November this year. Prior to this, in September, the company will present the results of its work at the International trade fair in Berlin: a 54 m2 exhibit booth will display urban rolling stock ― lightweight recreational and urban public types".

You can see the full text of the interview at the web site of this mass media: (in Russian)

Note: is a popular Belarusian web portal, which publishes daily the latest news on actual problems and events in the real estate business of the country.

Ulyana Orlova

Correspondent of information services for international group of companies SkyWay

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