SkyWay in extreme weather conditions

14 March 2016 1582

The next video, prepared by the information service of the SkyWay International Group of Companies, explains how innovative transport systems can cope with the most dangerous challenges of natural disasters. Weather conditions are one of the key points in the design and construction of communication systems around the world, as the lives and health of people often depend on them. It is connected with not only transport accidents and destruction of roads caused by earthquakes, floods, tsunamis, etc. Efficient transport systems allow to provide timely assistance to people in regions affected by natural disasters, to organize the evacuation of the injured and much more. Exceptional resistance of SkyWay transport systems to environmental impacts provides to this technology additional advantages over competitors and allows to achieve a new level of safety for transport.

Ulyana Orlova

Correspondent of information services for international group of companies SkyWay

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