SkyWay EcoTechnoPark: Installation, Testing and First Results

14 December 2016 5693

In SkyWay EcoTechnoPark work is under way to install the track structure at the section of the urban/high-speed route: installation of steel trusses goes on as scheduled. At the moment, specialists are assembling the first kilometer of the track. The total planned length of the section is 16 km.

Test runs of the unibus on the first 1 km section of the high-speed/urban route will begin before the stretching steel strings inside the rail duct, as it was in case with the lightweight recreational track. This will allow to examine in detail the features of the track structure and behavior of the rolling stock under all possible conditions. Meanwhile, operation trials of rolling stock and track structure, initiated at the section of the lightweight urban track, proceed in normal mode. The first data obtained during examinations of the transport system fully confirm design calculations and allow, already at this stage, to claim the unprecedented margin of strength of the track structure and stable operation of chassis, capable to provide a high level of traveling comfort for passengers at 60 km/h speed even along the track structure, which has not received the designed tension yet. Based on the data obtained while testing, corrections are introduced into the unibike. For instance, the chassis of the vehicle has been modified to raise the level of traffic safety under the conditions of negative temperatures and heavy rainfall. In addition, they proceed with testing and optimizing unibike systems that are components of the SkyWay automated control system: the unit of electrooptic and radioelectronic surveying, power supply system, diagnostics and control of the functional equipment, safety, positioning, data transmission, information control system and the interface to interact with users.

As a reminder, the complex of tests under way is a part of the certification process on the string transport with its final stage scheduled in spring 2017. It is noteworthy that all the events going on at the EcoTechnoPark territory, both during installation and testing, happen for the first time and have no precedent in the history of technology. Their bright confirmation are the photos taken before and after the tensioning of the body of the string rails. We can say almost certainly that nobody has ever seen this before.

Viacheslau Eutukh

Specialist of Marketing department for international group of companies SkyWay

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