SkyWay at the World Congress “Intelligent Transport Systems 2016”

07 October 2016 3469

A presentation of Yunitskiy’s SkyWay transport will take place next week in Melbourne at the World Congress on ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems). This forum is a landmark event drawing the attention of the entire world, as for the first time in 15 years, this annual Congress, which gathers thousands of visitors from all corners of the Earth, will be held in Australia. The hosting organization is "Intelligent Transport Systems Australia" or "ITS Australia" ("Intelligent Transport Systems Australia") that contributes to the development and implementation of advanced technologies to create a safer, more efficient and eco-friendly transport (in the air, on the sea, on motor-roads and railways), both in the public and private sectors.


On October 10―14, 2016 Melbourne will hospitably open doors to the guests of the 23rd ITS World Congress, among which there are 7,000 participants and 300 exhibitors from 60 countries. Its subject ― "ITS―enhancing liveable cities and communities" provides Australia with the opportunity to demonstrate why Melbourne for the last 6 years was recognized as the best city in the world by the quality of life, and, therefore, it is not by accident that the organizers of the World Congress have chosen it.


The logo of the 23rd ITS World Congress

"ITS Australia" is an independent, nonprofit organization representing suppliers, public authorities, research institutions, transport companies and their users. Being affiliated to key organizations around the world, it is one of the main driving forces of this industry. Its main activities include: arrangement of national high-level events, international conferences, facilitation of the dialogue between different transport modes and regions of the country, scientific research, development and export of Australian technologies. This organization advocates the use of communication means in the industry, data processing and electronic technologies to raise transportation safety, reduce road congestions, increase productivity and competitiveness of the Australian transport system. It is obvious that the goals of "ITS Australia" and the SkyWay project largely coincide!

Australia is at the forefront of the development and implementation of ITS technologies in many fields. The industry rose to the level of providing solutions to improve the economic situation in the country, where population is concentrated in major cities, occupying huge territories, and where ITS technologies (traffic control, tolls without stopping the vehicle) provide the mobility of the population. Large distances characteristic for the Green continent, encourage the introduction of innovations and high technologies in the transport sector primarily to increase its safety and efficiency. 


Visualization of the possible version to apply SkyWay transport systems in Australia

Visitors of the World Congress in Melbourne will have the opportunity to learn more about the innovative transport and infrastructure complexes, to hold exciting discussions and informative meetings with the leading world experts, because for them ― as you already know, ― a presentation of the SkyWay project will be carried out. It will take place at the display stand of our project partner, a world's leading engineering company "Aurecon".

Anatoly Yunitskiy, Rod Hook and engineers from Aurecon near the sign "Zero kilometer" in EcoTechnoPark

Let us recall that the involvement of this company to the project, whose experts will provide full technical support during the construction of the SkyWay routes in Australia, became one of the first achievements of Rod Hook, former CEO of the Department of transport in South Australia and currently the Director of the company "SkyWay Transport Australia". Having a great experience in building large-scale facilities around the world, "Aurecon" has become a reliable partner in the further development and practical application of innovative transport systems. One of its most famous projects is the "Burj Khalifa" ― the 828-meter skyscraper in Dubai, the highest building in the world. In addition, now our partner is participating there in the implementation of the project to build a new super-tall tower, by another 100 meters higher. "Aurecon" ensures the support to the creator of the skyscraper Santiago Calatravra by carrying out the design and engineering work. The tower will have the height of 928 meters and include a central concrete column supported by a network of steel cables. Technically literate readers have immediately realized that its design is also based on strings! In other words, it is just impossible to find better experts for the SkyWay presentation to Australia and the entire world, especially if we add that Rod Hook himself will take the most direct participation in this work. He has just recently perfected his skills of presentation as the leader of our delegation at the trade fair "InnoTrans 2016" in Berlin and is therefore in a great shape.

Rod Hook at the trade fair InnoTrans 2016 in Berlin

A growing public interest to ITS will also promote the popularization of Yunitskiy’s SkyWay transport. For this purpose the exhibition will be open to the public for free for two days. In addition, all the conditions for the exchange of information on social needs, opinions and technical development solutions for modern transport problems will be created at the ITS World Congress 2016 for members of the government, industry leaders, policy makers, researchers and service providers. It will be a great chance to make new relationships or to recover lost contacts for business.

We have no doubts that once Rod Hook and our partners from "Aurecon" will introduce the technology of Yunitskiy’s SkyWay transport to the world community and, in particular, to Melbourne, its implementation will allow the city to retain the honorary title of the best city in the world for many decades. And our hometowns will have someone to look up to!

Mikhail Kirichenko

Head of information services for international group of companies SkyWay

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