RZD-partner: “China is still far from the SkyWay know-how”

05 October 2016 2123

The specialized journal of Russian Railways "RZD-partner" paid attention to the trend in China to develop the transport infrastructure of the country not by means of their own ideas and developments, but by means of taking over someone else’s experience.

On October 3 the journal’s website published an article "China is still far from the SkyWay know-how" reporting on the tests of China’s first suspension railway. The author of the article drew attention to the intention of China to develop various systems of innovative transport. In particular, recently China demonstrated the version of technology, where trains are suspended on a monorail. This technology was borrowed in Germany and Japan, where such projects have been implemented.

The creator of SkyWay transport systems Anatoly Yunitskiy commented on this new project: "It is difficult to determine exactly the type of trains of the new project in China without the technical description. It may be a girder overpass (like in Germany) or a version of a cableway. It can be even a variety of a string track. The obvious fact is that the Chinese will copy any project sooner or later."

The continuation of this subject was the publication, released on October 4 on the "RZD-partner" website under the authorship of Anatoly Yunitskiy, which instantly became a theme of the day. The creator of SkyWay transport writes about the obvious parallel between the Chinese "innovation" and the German H-Bahn project, with which the President of the SkyWay Group of Companies "has his own story".

You can see both the articles in full (in Russian) on the journal’s website: "China is still far from the SkyWay know-how" dated October 3 and "China copies the experience of Germany" of October 4.

The translation is here: “China is still far from the SkyWay know-how” and here: "China copies the experience of Germany"


Ulyana Orlova

Correspondent of information services for international group of companies SkyWay

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