Opening of Zero kilometer: information for participants

09 October 2015 2117

1) Registration for the bus

All shareholders intending to go to the opening of "Zero-kilometer" by the SkyWay bus "Minsk − EcoTechnoPark" should pass the preliminary registration. To do this, send an email to [email protected]. In the subject line, please indicate "Bus", in the body of the email write your full name and contact phone number.

What is the need for pre-registration? First, the information obtained will allow us to calculate the number of required buses. Secondly, registration allows participants to receive a kind of guarantee of seats in the bus.

Attention: the registration deadline is Wednesday, October 14, at 4 p.m. Minsk time. Don’t delay your application, better send it right now!

Buses to EcoTechnoPark will depart from 9 till 10 a.m. when filled. We rely on the punctuality of our guests. The last bus will leave at 10 a.m. sharp – please, count some extra time for the arrival to the bus.

2) Venue and location map

A representative of the SkyWay group of companies with the SkyWay nameplate will wait for you on October 17, 2015 from 9 till 10 a.m. in the lobby of the building of the Minsk Central railway station (ground floor, near the central escalator – see photos).

General view of Minsk Central railway station ОGeneral view of Minsk Central railway station
Venue (Minsk Central railway station, ground floor lobby, near the central escalator). МVenue (Minsk Central railway station, ground floor lobby, near the central escalator).

You can also proceed to the custom bus independently. The transport would be in the back of the station building, on Druzhnaya street (see map).

SkyWay bus parking SkyWay bus parking

The bus will take guests to EcoTechnoPark and after the event will bring the participants back to Minsk. Those wishing to come by their cars can arrive at EcoTechnoPark by 11 a.m. on October 17, 2015 (see location map of EcoTechnoPark).

Scheme of travel to EcoTechnoPark Scheme of travel to EcoTechnoPark

Information for drivers: in order to get to the SkyWay EcoTechnoPark, you need to travel from Mariyna Gorka by the road P-68 (Chapayev street), pass by the settlement of Senozhatki (on the left), and turn to the left at the next crossroads, just after the bus stop, in the opposite direction from the village of Novoselki. On turning, you will see the pipe of a small asphalt plant, and approximately in 400 m – the brand shield of EcoTechnoPark. Approximate coordinates of EcoTechnoPark are 53°30'08.1"N 28°06'08.9"E

Map of travel to EcoTechnoPark Map of travel to EcoTechnoPark

3) Warm waterproof clothing and footwear

The program of the event includes prolonged exposure outdoors. We kindly request all participants to dress as warmly as possible, in accordance with the preliminary weather forecast: We recommend you to take warm waterproof clothing and footwear with you (warm jackets, hats, rubber boots, raincoats and umbrellas).

4) Force majeure

In the event of unforeseen circumstances, you can contact the representatives of the SkyWay group of companies:

+375 29 607 37 06 ­ – Andrew

+375 29 931 80 82 – Anna.

Ulyana Orlova

Correspondent of information services for international group of companies SkyWay

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