Golden Autumn SkyWay: the Fruits of Seven Stages of Development

20 October 2016 9121

The autumn of 2016 became really fruitful for SkyWay. The first industrial samples of the rolling stock, presented at three international exhibitions, made even the most ingrained skeptics dismiss the last doubts. People with a different level of income, education and social standing embraced the novelty with the equal degree of enthusiasm. Representatives of states and businesses expressed their interest and announced their willingness to visit the testing of the transport system, before the launch of which only a few weeks is left. The track structure for the light urban track is almost constructed, the works on the first 1 km section of a high-speed track are nearing completion. Everyone, who is in any way familiar with SkyWay, is looking forward to what November has in store.

SkyWay Exhibitions

The exhibitions have proved the most important fact – infrastructure solutions SkyWay are in demand. Not only the technology has its own niche for application, but is also able to act as a serious competitor on the market. Thus, a delegation from the Philippines at InnoTrans 2016 has declared its readiness to consider SkyWay as an alternative to the metro. The authorities of Australian city Adelaide are increasingly hesitant choosing between SkyWay and tram lines, whereas the Deputy Head of Samara is serious about the construction of string track SkyWay as a traffic artery intended to connect the parts of the city located on the opposite banks of the Volga. With that, a possibility of constructing a motorway or railway bridge is not under discussion at all.

The Future Has Come  

A predictive nature of Anatoly Yunitskiy’s speaking and his way of thinking is increasingly confirmed both directly and indirectly. Just recently, several prominent business representatives, that include internet companies Jeff Bezos, have started to talk about the necessity to take hazardous production to the outer space. In architecture, it is becoming more popular and fashionable to use green planting as structural elements of constructions. The ideas of automated control systems and traffic management in the environment with rarefied atmosphere set the pace in transport development. In fact, Dr. Yunitskiy wrote about all this decades back. By doing so, he predicted the future that is becoming the reality today; the future, for the formation and materialization of which SkyWay plays a crucial and increasingly more remarkable role.  

Atlant Spread Its Wings  

The SkyWay concept fits the vision of the future so harmoniously that at times it takes the form of unconscious identification of one with the other. The business forum “Atlantes”, held at the beginning of September in Moscow, gathered about 3,000 entrepreneurs and top managers from all over the world. The number of participants included Chairman of the Centre for strategic developments Mr. Alexey Kudrin, Chairman of the Board of directors for Alfa-Bank Group Mr. Pyotr Aven, Head of the largest low-cost airline company in Asia “AirAsia” Mr. Tony Fernandes and others. The event generated a lot of buzz and aroused lively discussions about the future of the economy and business. The social network Facebook advertised the event under the slogan “The Future of Your Business”, with this future illustrated with nothing else but an image of a mounted unibus and an element of a linear city SkyWay.

The SkyWay vision fully complies with the vision of the forum organizers and is aimed at the creation of the future for business worldwide. The fruits brought by the autumn of 2016 is the final confirmation of SkyWay feasibility. Now, only a further increase is ahead, and the EcoTechnoPark harvest is going to be more and more abundant every year.

Yunitskiy’s Words are Consistent with the Actions  

It cannot be said that what is happening around the technology at the current stage is something extraordinary. Dr. Anatoly Yunitskiy was saying right from the very beginning that it will not be long before the interest to the technology and the demand for it manifest upon the presentation of its working samples. The success at the exhibitions in Berlin and Minsk just confirm the rightness of this statement and prove once again that the words of engineer Yunitskiy are consistent with his actions.       

The transfer to the 8th development stage of SkyWay Group will take place on October 20, 2016 at 23:55 (Moscow time). As usual, the change of the stage will be followed by the change of the discount.      

Evgeny Petrov

Editor in chief of information services for international group of companies SkyWay, specialist in philosophy of science and technology

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