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09 November 2016 2146

An interview with the Vice-Champion in natural bodybuilding 2015 ― Adrian Kormoczi that was recorded during his visit to the office of the SkyWay project design organization. Besides the athlete, the economist Sergey Sibiryakov and a member of the Board of SkyWay Capital Alexey Sukhodoyev took part in the conversation. In the interview they talked about the possibilities of combining sports with the motion in a vehicle that are provided by the engineering solutions embodied in the SkyWay unibike.

“I’m not only a coach but also the author of many programs, ― said Adrian in the interview. ― We discussed with Mr. Yunitskiy the idea about the fact that people training in a gym, need to spend a lot of time on the road to us ― and it is sometimes unsafe and troublesome. They could do fitness while travelling, staying in a unibike. So I really want to participate in this project and become part of it.”


Evgeny Petrov

Editor in chief of information services for international group of companies SkyWay, specialist in philosophy of science and technology

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