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21 September 2016 1906

The Information service of SkyWay Group of Companies presents the interview with ex-Transport Minister of South Australia, CEO of “Rod Hook & Associates”, Mr. Rod Hook, for your attention. The video was recorded in the unibus compartment (a unibus is a passenger vehicle for urban transportation, its compartment capacity is 14 passengers, maximum speed – 150 km/h, the system performance – up to 50,000 passengers per hour). The unibus was demonstrated to the wide public for the first time at the International specialized exhibition of transport technologies InnoTrans 2016.       

According to Mr. Hook, “at the exhibition, they are talking about being innovative, environmentally friendly and energy efficient – all the things that SkyWay is”. The main task that SkyWay is to solve at the exhibition, from Mr. Hook’s perspective, consists in attracting the attention of specialists from transport sphere and officials responsible for the development of this sector to the innovative solutions proposed by SkyWay Group of Companies. In his opinion, this exhibition can play a crucial role in the development of SkyWay project and attract additional investments to it. “People who are excited by our exposition will put money on the table to help us make it happen”, pointed out Rod Hook in his interview.   



Evgeny Petrov

Editor in chief of information services for international group of companies SkyWay, specialist in philosophy of science and technology

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